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ZoomTopic 3D presentations on CD

ZoomTopic runs as part of the ROOMS 3D Desktop product. When you download and install ROOMS you automatically get ZoomTopic.

Use ROOMS to create the 3D environments (worlds) which ZoomTopic displays. Or load predefined worlds like the demos on this Web site and simply edit them.


To run the ZoomTopic demos (Star Gallery, 3D Menu, Dub Stage): start the ROOMS desktop, then right click on the ROOMS background and select "World/Open..." and browse for an example demo world.

To prepare a ROOMS world for ZoomTopic, you run ZoomTopic from either the Worlds tab in the ROOMS Setup and Start utility, or from the right click popup menu when ROOMS is running in design mode.

ZoomTopic Help : Online manual to set up and run ZoomTopic


The release notes for this version of ZoomTopic/ROOMS describes new and enhanced features.

In particular, build 480 introduces Companimator which lets you make movies of your world, and fixes some problems when exporting presentations to CD/DVD on and for Vista.


Download ZoomTopic
[7 Mb, version 4.480]


This version of ROOMS includes a 14 day free trial of ZoomTopic

After the trial period, if you purchase a license for ZoomTopic, the ZoomTopic license *includes* full licenses for ROOMS Creator, World Viewer and 1-Above-3D Screensavers.


Please note: we are unable to refund Creator, World Viewer or Screensaver license fees if you purchase them separately from the ZoomTopic license.

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