Configure, customize, create. Your desktop becomes a 3D virtual reality world. Just like a 3D game
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ZoomTopic 3D presentations on CD

A license for ZoomTopic costs 99 US Dollars.

You can purchase a license through Kagi (the online store) or using PayPal.


Click here to buy the license online from Kagi


Click here to buy the license online using PayPal
[NB you don't have to pay VAT when paying by PayPal]


When you buy the license, a license key is sent to you by email. To activate the license you enter your email address and license key in the ZoomTopic creation dialog.

The ZoomTopic license includes the standard ROOMS Creator, World Viewer and 1-Above-3D Screensaver licenses.

There is a 14 free day trial of ZoomTopic when you first download and install this version of ROOMS.

ZoomTopic Help : Online manual to set up and run ZoomTopic

Online license key renewal : if you need to re-install/re-enable/re-activate ZoomTopic

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