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ZoomTopic 3D presentations on CD

Create a SlideShow

This is the Star Gallery ROOMS world
You get to add the pictures and the text

You can create a slide show using ZoomTopic by incorporating your pictures (and any text) in a ROOMS 3d world, and exporting the world to CD or DVD from where it will autorun.

In overview, the steps are:

1 - Select a template ROOMS world or create your own

2 - Convert your images to bitmap (.bmp) format for easy import into ROOMS (e.g. using Irfanview [FREE])

3 - Use the ROOMS property(or icon) wizard within ROOMS to change specific panels or picture frame content to your own images

4 - Save your newly modified 3D world and normalize it using the ROOMS Normalizer (which means copy all references to a single folder)

5 - Use ZoomTopic to copy and configure all the software necessary to run the 3d world from CD/DVD into the normalization folder

6 - Copy everything from the normalization folder to CD/DVD

7 - Place the CD/DVD in another PC, and it will autorun your world

And that's how you create a slide show using ZoomTopic!

The Normalizer and ZoomTopic are bundled with ROOMS in the standard ROOMS download and now you can record the whole thing as an AVI movie using Companimator which is how the YouTube animation above was created

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