ROOMS 3D Desktops - Addons and ROOMS CoolWare

Addons for ROOMS 3D desktops are the worlds, plugins, shapes, animations and behaviors which can be created and distributed by and for ROOMS users.

Addons are published here as ROOMS CoolWare. We regularly publish new CoolWare from this Web site. When publishing, we publish on Thursdays.

Each CoolWare package which we publish here is self-contained. You only need ROOMS - no other software and no other CoolWare packages. Each CoolWare package includes its own installation, so all you have to do is unzip it and run its setup program and it gets copied to the correct ROOMS folder.

Some CoolWare packages are designed for ROOMS World Viewer licenses. You can only run these worlds if you have a World Viewer license.

Users with a ROOMS Creator license can create and distribute their own addons They are created by "Normalizing" saved ROOMS worlds. To start the Normalizer, open the ROOMS Setup program and select the Desktop tab.

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