Copyright and Patents [1]

ROOMS Copyright is owned by EiDoxis Limited, registered in England No. 3480049.

We are careful not to infringe the Copyright of any other party during the development of ROOMS and its CoolWare.

ROOMS is capable of importing images and sounds. Most images and sounds are the intellectual property of their respective Copyright owners.

In some cases the Copyright owner welcomes broad publication of their property. An example is NASA (check out their Web site).

ROOMS users must be careful not to use images and sounds without permission from the Copyright owner.

In particular, some games developers, while allowing you to create worlds using their 3D engines, expressly forbid use of their images and sounds for any other purpose.

If you would like copies of any historical material, text, graphics or software which we have published in the past but which you have difficulty obtaining now, please contact us [we may have to make a small handling charge if the material is not readily to hand].


Additional product information which may have a bearing upon patents is published below and presented in date order.

2. 27 September 2000 and build 384
3. 10 July 2001 and build 401
4. 13 December 2001 meaning and action
5. 3 February 2002 4D interface and 4D space

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