What is ROOMS?

ROOMS turns your desktop into a 3D world. Just like a 3D game. In effect, you get 3D wallpaper and 3D icons.

Organize all your stuff in 3D. Use keyboard or mouse or joystick to navigate, while also using the mouse for 2D Windows-like activity.

Think drive-in wallpaper.

Explore amazing new worlds, worlds themed on favorite games, or (with the ROOMS Creator license) worlds you and your friends create.

Use images and objects provided, or create your own. Animate them. No special tools needed.

What do you do?

Use arrow keys (or mouse or joystick) to move around. Or simply park your eyes as you would static wallpaper.

Left click on icons to select and drag them. Right click to inspect and change their properties. Double click on an icon to open its associated file. Let the cursor hover over an icon to display its name as a title tip.

Drag and drop icons from Explorer and they become 3D objects.

Left click on the background to set focus. Right click on the background to get the main popup menu.

What next?

Try FreeWare ROOMS today. Only 7 Mb to download. No registration. No timeout. No fuss.


FreeWare download page

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