Help guide

This page guides you through all the ROOMS Help which we have published.

We suggest the following strategy:

First, check if ROOMS help answers your question by pressing F1 while ROOMS is running (or click the Help button in ROOMS Setup).

Second, have a look through our FAQs pages.

Third, search our Bugs+Fixes pages in case you have met a known problem with a suggested workaround.

Fourth, use the trouble shooting utility which gets you to answer a series of questions, and suggests a course of action.

Remember, it is worth trying a variety of keywords when searching, because a big problem with searching is knowing exactly what to search for. You may find it useful to check out our Glossary.

As well as these resources you may find it useful to visit the ROOMS user forum. You can look through user email discussions and join in if you wish. discontinued but Jack Calverley author and originator/creator of ROOMS has a presence on Facebook Jack Calverley author and ROOMS 3D Desktops originator/creator on Facebook.

If you still cannot find a way forward then Contact us. Our response times may vary according to workload. We aim to let you know if a full response is going to take more than 24 hours (or 48 hours at the weekend).

NB ROOMS 3D Desktops is no longer a supported product.

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