This is our shot at explaining the gibberish (unmeaning words) we have used on the ROOMS Web site, as well as suggesting alternative search terms.

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Bitmap, .bmp, .dib
A bitmap is one way of storing an image on a computer. All MS Windows implementations for the PC support bitmaps - that is, they let you display and edit them - with no extra software needed. If you have nothing else you can use the Windows Paint program. ROOMS uses bitmaps for its textures. If you need to convert an image from another format to a bitmap then IrfanView is an excellent freeware program for manipulating and converting images.
To copy a file from our Web site to your computer.
A system which ROOMS uses to manage the behavior of objects in a ROOMS world. EVAC takes its name from EVent-ACtion, because all object behavior is described in terms of an action (like motion, sound or file open) in response to an event (like select-with-cursor or collision).
Extrusion, extruder
ROOMS lets you create your own 3D shapes (or objects) before your eyes. First you get to draw a stencil (or 2D pattern), then you make the pattern trace out a 3D path in your 3D world using the cursor keys. As the path is traced out a 3D shape is generated before your eyes. You choose the textures (graphics) to apply to the surface of the object and you choose how much extrusion each keypress causes.
ROOMS lets you use any bitmap (.bmp) or sound (.wav) files when creating your desktop world. If you want to publish or distribute a ROOMS world, you need to make sure these files are included with it. The normalizer reads a ROOMS world file (.rwq) and copies any files which it refers to into a local folder. The normalizer also changes the reference in the ROOMS world file to point to that same local folder. All you need do then is copy the new local folder in its entirety to another PC (which has ROOMS) and that PC can run the world you created.
Sky, skybox, sky box
Sky boxes are used in many virtual worlds to create convincing skies. ROOMS supports sky boxes. ROOMS will also automatically generate a sky box from any texture (image) you want to have applied to the sky. So you do not have to worry about sky boxes if you would rather forget about them.
The graphics, images or pictures which are painted onto surfaces in the 3D world to make them more realistic (or at least bring them to life). ROOMS lets you animate these textures for extra effect (refer to ROOMS F1 help).
ZIP, ZIP file
A way of compressing a file, or a file so compressed. Compressed files take less time to download. A ZIP file also ends in ".zip". Do not confuse a ".zip" file with a ZIP drive, which is a mass storage product manufactured by IOMEGA.

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