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Cartoon wallpaper. There are two senses of cartoon here. The caricature of the marionette-manikin and the animation for the mobile phone (I say this to get my defense in first).

With SoapBox what you see is the inside of a soap box - a crate with some old odds and ends inside. The mobile phone gives you a novel interface to configure, while giving some insight into how *very* configurable ROOMS can be.

You will get best results out of the graphics for this world if you have ROOMS rendering at 800x600 or better (See the graphics tab under ROOMS Setup and Start). But, as with with all ROOMS worlds, you can run it at the screen size of your choice, and the render area is controllable independently.

Everything you see was created with ROOMS Creator and World Viewer, plus a free image from NASA, one 800x600 digital camera, plus irfanview for a bit of postprocessing. And time? Well, somewhere between 60 and 80 hours, including blind alleys (expect to throw away a lot of stuff when creating!!!).

Let me know via the user comments whether you want to see more of these confined spaces with perhaps more detail, or extended space where the interest may be more in the shape and extent of the space itself.

[If you have not downloaded one of these ROOMS worlds before, the idea is first, here is an interesting space into which to drag and organize Windows icons, and second here is an interesting space to look at - at least until the next world gets published (two weeks from now)]

TIP: Check out the comprehensive ROOMS F1 help.

Needs FreeWare or ROOMS World Viewer license
Date Thursday 22 March 2001
Size 1.3 Mb
Installs to ...\Rooms3d\Rooms\Worlds\SoapBox\
Room count 1
Icon count 181
EVAC count 12
Group count 1

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